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How Does Thyromine Work?

Hypothyroidism, also called under-active thyroid, is a condition in which the thyroid gland doesn't produce enough thyroid hormone to regulate the needs of the body. Even though it’s linked to many of our modern day ills, many of us are unaware that our thyroid may be the culprit.

Hypothyroidism is often misdiagnosed by doctors, because the symptoms are so diverse and vary with each person. Sometimes doctors attribute your symptoms to other causes.

Thyromine is an all-natural thyroid supplement that works with your body’s own systems to help the thyroid produce the right amount of hormone for your every day needs.

Thyromine is a specific blend of herbs, a nutrient rich sea vegetable called Nori, and bovine powders of thyroid and adrenalin. These ingredients are designed to work together, each assisting the other. This particular formula makes the ingredients more bioavailable to the thyroid.

Although Thyromine is not a weight loss product, many people do lose weight. If your weight gain is due to under active thyroid, you will probably lose weight as your body comes back into normal balance. Of course you must also eat a healthy diet and exercise every day.


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